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Glyfada is a coastal suburb and municipality in the south of the Prefecture of Attica, in Greece.

We are in the garden of a beautiful stone house in Glyfada, red geraniums in flower beds, a fer forgé (wrought iron) table with four chairs and two women, one of whom is wearing a swimsuit and a bathing cap. They’re probably being prepared for a swim in the sea.

Afterwards, we watch the small sailing boat IOANNA 1878, which is being prepared by two men for departure by fixing its sail, while a small boy and two more men are watching, one of them unties the boat from the beach.

The boat leaves with the two of the men and as the camera turns to the shore we have the chance to see the whole stone house and the one girl in the swimsuit, without the swimming cap anymore who approaches as she holds a towel.

A middle-aged couple walks to the beach and we can see the church of Saints Constantine and Helen, an iconic church of Glyfada, in the background.

The couple is walking on a pier, while the girl in the swimsuit who is ahead of them boards on the boat that has approached the pier, at the exit of the marina.

Panoramic view, from the boat, in the waters of the Saronic Gulf and the area, with Mount Hymettus in the background.

The girl has already dived into the sea.


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Vernicos A. Nicolas

HD (1440x1080)



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