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We are in Victoria, the largest city and capital of the Seychelles. Its location is at the southeastern tip of Mahé Island, the archipelago's main island.

The film opens with Victoria’s port and a fishing boat. Shots from a port’s officer, the boat that has sailed away, a waving flag and the lens stands on the market with people who shop from a store. Afterwards, we see a building with the label “PIRATES ARMS”, the street as well as the city’s building structure with the camera showing the bank building. The filmmaker shows us a speedboat that reaches the shore and the fisherman who starts throwing the fish to the shore.

The view changes with shots from the city and a sign which informs us that we are on the street "Francis Rachel St - Rue Francis Rachel". We see a lot of people who come and go for their daily work as well as tourists. The filming continues with the traffic on the streets and one more sign that says "Market Street Rue Du Bazar" while we also see several shop signs. A road sign of "St Joseph Street - Rue St Joseph" and the filmmaker standing in the historic La Domus building, the imposing residence of the Roman Catholic priesthood in Victoria, built in 1934 to house Swiss missionaries serving in the Diocese of Port Victor.

The film closes with a local man who climbs a tall palm tree.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm