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We are in Dortmund, a city in Germany, in the large public park Westfalenpark.

On the day of the filming in this particular area, the Greek Wine Festival takes place, the festival took place for one and only time in 1975. We see many people entering the park in groups.

The filmmaker gives us shots of the Florian telecommunication tower, which has the shape of a chimney and a maximum height of 219.6 meters. We can stand out two floors. In the first floor, there are offices while on the second floor there is a restaurant that rotates and gives the visitor the chance to see the whole city from above.

We see flamingo-fountains, families and groups who head to the entrance of the event’s area. The entrance is a construction that represents a barrel of wine, on which are painted three dancers dancing sirtaki (a popular greek traditional dance), while the sign says "Griechisches Weinfest". On another sign, perhaps a second entrance, we see a representation of wine serving in antiquity. The landscape is green with tall trees and flower beds.

Inside the area, the event has started with an artistic folk program. As far as we can tell, Petri Salpea, Stamatis Kokotas and another singer are singing. On the bouzouki (greek traditional musical instrument) is the virtuoso Makis Mavropoulos. As night falls, the program becomes traditional: men who wear foustanella (a traditional pleated skirt-like garment that is also referred to as a kilt worn by men of Balkans) and women in Macedonian costumes (roumlukia) dance Greek folk dances, to the rhythms of the clarinet, violins, pipes and other instruments.

Greek and German flags as well as colorful lanterns decorate the area and the wine -we can imagine- flows abundantly.

P.S.: The songs that are heard in the popular program of the event are: "Siko horese syrtaki” (get up and dance sirtaki) by Giorgos Zambetas and Alekos Sakellariou, "To thema eina tin vro” (the point is to find her) by Giorgos Zambetas and Xenophontas Fileris and "Pame mia volta sto fegari" (let’s go for a walk on the moon) by Manos Hatzidakis, Noti Pergiali and George Emirza.



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Petridis Giannis

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm