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We are in Kavala, a city in Macedonia, in Greece. The film opens with a sign which informs us that we are in the house of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, also known as Muhammed Ali Pasha. We see a shot from inside the house and then the camera shows the outside area.

The building, which was built in the 1780s, with an area of ​​330 sq.m., was the largest house in the city of Kavala at that time. Today it is a historical monument of the city and has a large garden in which is still preserved part of the tomb of Muhammad Ali's mother, which was formerly located in Eleftherias Square.

We see the statue, which is the work of the famous sculptor Konstantinos Dimitriadis. It was made in Paris and depicts the general and founder of the Egyptian dynasty, Muhammad Ali with the sword in its sheath, since, according to tradition, he returns to his home to rest. There is a similar statue in Egypt, in which he is depicted as a horseman, but holding the sword high in the form of glory.

The film closes with views from the house’s exterior area from different angles.


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Aylon Film Archives




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Super 8mm