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We are in Kavala, a city in Macedonia, in Greece. The film opens with a panoramic shot of the city. We see the building structure as well as the Old Aqueduct, also known as Kamares, the port and the Fortress of Kavala. The lens returns back to the Old Aqueduct and stands for a while, since it is one of the city’s landmarks, and goes back to the port.

The filmmaker records the roofs of the houses and the church of St Nikolaos in the center of Kavala. We see a shot with boats on the sea and the Imaret monument that stands out in the wider area due to the impressive and imposing architecture. It is considered a masterpiece of late Ottoman architecture and is a rare example in Europe. The founder was Mehmet Ali. The building originally functioned as a religious school, was a charity center until 1923, when thousands of refugees who came at that time from Asia Minor found refuge and today is one of the best luxury hotels in Europe and in fact is the first hotel in Greece that operates on a historic site.

Afterwards, we see the fortress walls, the jetty and views from the Fortress. It is an Ottoman fortification project consisting of an exterior wall that rises on the steep coastline, an interior one that defines the citadel and a third that fortified the lower city and reached up to the eastern part of Eleutherias (Freedom) Square.

The film closes with a general shot of the city’s coastal structure with the Municipal Stadium "Anthi Karagianni" standing out.


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Aylon Film Archives




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Super 8mm