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We are in Zagreb, the capital and largest city of Croatia. The filmmaker is about to attend the Balkan Aviation Festival (Zrakoplovna Balkanijada), which took place from June 28 to July 6, 1975.

The film opens with views of the clouds and the sky, from the plane on which the filmmaker is. Then as he reached Zagreb, with a panoramic shot, we see the facade of a building that is a housing company, the area and the traffic on the roads with the passers-by as well as the cars of that era. The lens focuses on a green tree and then on the rounded dome of the Zagreb Orthodox Cathedral. It is a Serbian Orthodox cathedral that is located in Petar Preradović Square. It was built in 1865-1866 according to the plans of the architect Franjo Klein.

The view changes as we are moved to Lučko Airfield, a general aviation airport for unscheduled flights, festivals and shows and we see shots of a skydiver and his colorful parachute going to land. The camera records an AEROKLUB building which is a local airport operator that is in charge of the space and as the shot gets wider we see planes, paraglides, the airway as well as the people who are there to enjoy the spectacle. The club staff folds the parachutes while some are ready and then we see the skydivers' flights.

Some of them board on an Antonov An-2 aircraft to fall with their parachutes and we see the preparation again. One more parachute in the air, lots of people and flags of the Socialist Republic of Croatia, then part of Yugoslavia (1947-1990) standing out. We see participants with the flag of their country who wait for the take-off of various small unmanned aircraft and the filmmaker shows us the models that will take off in detail as well as the schedule or the scoreboards. We see a shot with the flags of the countries Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Turkey waving, a panoramic shot with the teams in line as well as an improvised rocket.

The film closes with skydivers landing and people watching them.



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Bakelas Vyron




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