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We are at the archaeological site of Pompeii in Italy. Pompeii was a city in southern Italy, on the side of the Tyrrhenian Sea, near present-day Naples, and was destroyed during the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano.

The film opens with people being on the forum, looking at the exhibits. We see the Bronze statue of Apollo in front of his Temple. As the oldest building in Pompeii, the Temple of Apollo illustrates the changes in architectural styles that occurred from its early beginnings in the 6th century B.C to the moment of its destruction in 79 A.D.

The lens shows us the ruins, with the Temple of Jupiter standing out. The Temple of Jupiter, Capitolium, or Temple of the Capitoline Triad, was a temple in Roman Pompeii, at the north end of its forum. The tour continues with the Portico in front of the entrance to the Macellum which was located in the Forum and as the provision market of Pompeii was one of the focal points of the ancient city.

The view changes for a while with the filmmaker showing us several sailors among the visitors and gets back to the tour of the ancients ruins with the Head of Jupiter. A woman stands in front of the Temple of Apollo and admires it. The woman who looks and poses at the camera as she takes a little girl by the hand and the rest of her friends to continue their tour.

Then we are transferred on Mount Vesuvius volcano the eruption of which, in AD 79, destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii, as well as several other settlements. The eruption ejected a cloud of stones, ashes and volcanic gases to a height of 33 km (21miles), erupting molten rock and pulverized pumice.

The film opens with views from the crater consisting of the steep rim of a summit caldera, caused by the collapse of an earlier and originally much higher one, and built up by many layers (strata) of hardened lava and tephra.

The filmmaker with a close-up shot shows us a point from which smoke comes out and continues with shots of the area. We see visitors around with the lens focused on three people who stand on a point and admire the landscape.

The film closes with a panoramic shot of the view.


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Vernicos A. Nicolas




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