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We are in the caves of Diros, Vlychada and Alepotrypa, on the west coast of Laconian Mani.

The film opens with the logo of EPEAN (INTELLECTUAL AND SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT COMPANY) and the opening titles with the crew of the film. We see a map of the cave and shots from the cave’s interior area. Afterwards, we see views of the area with the filmmaker focusing on a road sign which informs us that the caves are at 5 km on the left while the town of Gythio at 26 km straight ahead.

We see the group of the scientists that are dressed appropriately outside the cave and then inside preparing their equipment. The team does research and measurements with the filmmaker showing us the impressive interior of the cave. The team continue the exploration with an inflatable boat in the lake part of the cave and we see shots of impressive white stalagmites and stalactites, impressive "curtains" and glittering crystals that adorn every corner. The group comes out of the cave and is welcomed by people who are there.

Shots from the Neolithic museum follow, which is located a little higher and houses important anthropological finds from the Paleolithic period with many people gathered there, as well as the beach of Diros with the crystal clear, turquoise waters and the thick pebbles within walking distance of the cave.

The film closes with a woman who has visited the cave and observes it.


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Merdenisianos Konstantinos S. (Mersanos)




Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm