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We are in Volissos, the largest village of northwestern Chios, at a road distance of 42 kilometers away from the city of Chios.

The film opens with a man and a woman dancing a traditional dance. The filmmaker stands on the couple while behind them we can see other couples as well as the orchestra. Afterwards, we see a group of three people dancing, led by an elderly woman.

The view changes with shots from the table and a group of people talking and having fun. We see the woman in the foreground dancing this time with an elderly man while an elderly woman from their table admires them by clapping her hands. The lens stays on the people sitting at the table and shows us them better. The film closes with couples dancing.



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Papandreou Nikolaos




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Easter 1978, feast in the square. Everyone dances the traditional dance “syrtos" of Chios, which is the only one that is danced in pairs with the particularity that in the South of Chios the couples dance one behind the other while in the North, the couples dance freely, thus it is much more playful.

In fact, in these festivities of Volissos, the capital of the North, it was customary among people who know each other, to take each other's partner during the dance, either as a compliment, as a joke, or as a social obligation and often out of a flirtatious mood.
Papandreou Nikolaos