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Xylokastro is a seaside town or village and a former municipality in Corinthia in the Peloponnese, Greece

The film opens with a view at a section of the cover of the newspaper “Apoyevmatini" where the date is written: December 4, 1971 and just after that a finger on the map of the Peloponnese shows us the location of Xylokastro.

Then we are in Xylokastro and see the hotel "Arion" on the coastal road. As the camera moves away from the hotel, it zooms in on a sign that says, "The April 21 Revolution Was a Historic Necessity" and refers to April 21, 1967 (1967-1974), when a group of a far-right-wing army officers seized power in a coup d'état.

Afterwards we watch a view of the beach, where at a distance we can see a boat that is passing by alongside the horizon, the filmmaker makes it more distinct by zooming in. Zooming out of the ship's frame, we see a group of two men and two women, in a boat, on the shore, who are improvising in a small one-act play where the heroes are shipwrecked on a boat and in their despair they decide to abandon it and start jumping one by one in the sea, closing their noses.

In the next view we see a sign-dictation of the dictators which says "Youngsters build the New Greece" and we see the same group who are making a new improvisation, by making fun of the content of the coup government's instruction, as one by one place some pebbles next to the sign. At the end of the "script" a man of the group stands next to the sign, greets in a military manner and with a kick dissolves the pile of pebbles.

Two women from the hotel balcony laugh and applaud.


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Vernicos A. Nicolas

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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An allegorical 8mm amateur film by the then-student Nicolas A. Vernicos, which was created during the toughest period of the 7-year dictatorship in Greece.

During a weekend trip to Corinth and Patras to ascertain the police procedures for the boarding of the departed from Greece, due to a ban on leaving the country of the brothers Nicolas and George Vernicos, a short stop was made in Xylokastro.

Looking the ships that cross the Corinthian gulf, the group watches the Adriatica lines ship and imagines approaching it by boat to escape the "April 21, 1967 Revolution that was a historic necessity."

To protect themselves from being monitored by the junta's security forces, they pretend to follow the "Youngsters build the New Greece" command.

In the end, N. A. Vernicos is tearing down the Greece that the dictators want to build and he is applauded by the anonymous crowd.
Vernicos A. Nicolas