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Kaisariani is a Municipality of Athens, Greece.
The Kaisariani Shooting Range was a field to practice shooting for athletes, armed forces and hunters.

This area was chosen, on May 1, 1944, by the Nazi occupation authorities in order to execute 200 National Resistance fighters against the occupation army.
Since then, honorary events have been held in memory of those who were executed.

In the film, we watch the memorial for the 20 years since the executions that was organised the 24th of May 1964 by the relatives of the executed along with the Panhellenic Union of German Occupation Victims the "Phoenix".

In the first shots we see people who hold wreaths and start gathering in the courtyard of the Church of Saint Nikolaos.
Then we see a majestic march of honor and memory with thousands of people of all ages who carry dozens of wreaths and go up from Ethnikis Antistaseos Avenue to the Shooting Range or the Altar of Freedom, as it was formerly called.

Arriving at the place, the crowd enters the Shooting range and another gathered crowd who are, already, in the area welcomes them by applauding.

In the next shot, we see submachine guns used for the execution and right next to one of them a German helmet.

This is followed by the laying of wreaths and the people drop red carnations all over the place of the sacrifice with police officers present.



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Kourouniotis Vyron

HD (1440x1080)



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