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Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt after Cairo and the main port of Egypt.

The filmmaker is a passenger on a ship which is being prepared to sail from the port of Alexandria to the port of Piraeus, in Greece. In the first views, we see a woman who sits in an armchair on an outside balcony of the ship and a little girl who plays with a ship’s lifejacket and waves to the camera.

A small boat steers around so it can get out of the harbor. Across the small boat, we see a huge cargo ship. A vessel approaches the ship, the woman with the little girl in her arms who holds a teddy bear, smiles into the lens.

In the next view, the ship has departed and in the big pier we see the port terminal and a hand from the ship waving with a handkerchief, saying goodbye to Alexandria.

The passengers of the ship watch the ship’s departure and a waiter walks with a glass of water on his serving tray.

A boat, in the opposite direction, to the port is towed by a tug-boat and we can see the facilities of the big port in the background.

The passengers sit on deck chairs or on the ship's deck. Some of them walk by, others enter and exit the ship or enjoy the sea. We see the woman with the little girl who looks into the lens and explores the ship.

The long journey ends as we arrive at the port of Piraeus.


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Filippou Michail

HD (1440x1080)



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