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Giza is the third-largest city in Egypt. Giza is most famous as the site of some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world, including the Pyramids. The Pyramids were tombs for the kings of Egypt, the Pharaohs, and have been constructed to house the remains of the deceased pharaohs who ruled over Ancient Egypt.

First view in the film is a road sign in Arabic. We are in an oasis in the desert, on the way to the Giza Necropolis which is consisted of the Pyramids and other monuments.

We watch a bus of that era as we cross the road between the desert and see an endless line of electricity poles.

We reach the Pyramids. We feel awe as we see in front of us the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Cheops). It stands at 147 meters high, covering an area of ​​54,000 square meters and it is of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. On the left in the picture, we can see the 3 meters lower, Pyramid of Khafre or of Chephren and on the right the even lower The Pyramid of Menkaure. There are some even smaller Pyramids or their ruins.

A woman films the area from a distance, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while a man collects some desert sand outside an impressive car.


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Filippou Michail

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