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Nauplion (or Nafplio) is the capital of the regional unit of Argolis, in the Peloponnese and its main port to the east. It served as the first capital of Greece.

We are in the town’s seaport. We see ships, cars, tourist buses, passers-by, an advertising sign of the company of photography products, Kodak. A few different views of the harbour and in the middle of it we can see the old Venetian island-castle Bourtzi, some more views of which we will see later on this film. A shot of the Virgin Mary’s church with its impressive bell tower.

Then, we are in the town’s port again, in Filellinon Square, where a monument that was constructed in 1903 exists in the memory of the French philhellenes (the admirer of Greeks and everything Greek) who fought and sacrificed for the liberation of Greece from the Turks, during the Greek War of Independence.

A panoramic view of Syntagma Square, the most important and historic square of Nafplio, which houses important buildings of the Greek history. In the background, we can see Palamidi, a historic Venetian Fortress.

The filmmaker and his family are buying oranges from a seller on the road for which, like other citrus fruits, Argolis region is considered a major export force for Greece.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

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