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The story of the World Festival of Youth and Students, begins in the summer of 1947 in Prague. Through a variety of events such as sports games in several different sports, political seminars and conversations, concerts and other events took place the 11th festival in July 1978 in Cuba.

The film opens with two banners with the symbol of the Festival, a sign that says "Joven del mundo" (Young People of the World), another one with the message "Cuba es tu casa" (Cuba is your home).

In the next shot, through the bus of the Greek mission, which is worth mentioning that it was the first to arrive in Havana, we see children dressed in the colors of the Cuban flag, welcoming the delegations by waving red handkerchiefs and Cuban flags.

Then we see a metal structure decorated with paintings that depict the symbol of the Festival, the dove which is the symbol of Peace, etc. Flags of all colors wave and a zoom-in view to a beautiful young Cuban girl. We see children with Cuban flags again and a worker who completes the metal construction by adding flags.

The next shot was taken from the balcony of a school, which housed delegations, alongside a number of Cubans with flags, who welcome the delegations that are still arriving.

Lastly, a general view of the school, which is taken from the street, with the crowded balconies by the Cuban hosts, where we see a Greek flag hanging.


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Argyrakis Giorgis

HD (1440x1080)



Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm