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Argyrakis Giorgis

Georgis Argyrakis was born in Malia where he lived during his childhood. He finished high school in Athens.

For two years he was assistant to the scenographer Tassos Zografos. In 1963 he left for Munich and attended the "von Parish" Design School. In 1966 he enrolled at the Berlin School of Fine Arts in the Department of Engraving and Applied Graphics.

In 1971 he continued his studies at the Technical University of Berlin in the History of Art. During the period of the dictatorship in Greece, he joined the anti-dictatorial group SDE together with Karolos Papoulias, former President of the Hellenic Republic. Anti-dictatorial posters and cartoons were published and circulated throughout Europe.

He returned to Greece in 1974 and since 1979 he lives and works in Crete. He has published the book "Tin engraving" and has twice been awarded for the "Thessaloniki Exhibition 1975" posters and for the 11th Youth and Students Festival in Havana, Cuba in 1978. Since 1969 he has exhibited his works at solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and Germany.

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3rd KNE Odigitis Festival 1977

Sep 1977
Peristeri, Attica, Greece
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School parade of March 25th

25 Mar 1981
Malia, Herakleion, Crete, Greece
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Carnival in Malia, Crete

20 Mar 1983
Malia, Herakleion, Crete, Greece