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In 1975, a year after the fall of the seven-year dictatorship, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), begins a Festival, a massive Panhellenic political and cultural event, which becomes an institution and continues to this day.

We are in the Alsos Peristeriou (a park in the western suburb of Peristeri, Athens) in September 1977, where the four-day 3rd KNE Festival is held, in front of one of the festival’s many music scenes. We see huge panels with slogans and artistic creations, a general shot of the crowd that is gathered, red flags waving, photos of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin, the founders and representatives of the communist ideology, panel, posters and flags announce the 10th Congress of the KKE, which took place the following year.

A close-up shot to the photo of Nikos Belogiannis, a Greek fighter of the National Resistance against the German Occupation. Kiosks all around with exhibitions, historical documents and posts by respective organizations internationally, in a chair the sculpture of a woman who reads.

The arrival of the General Secretary of the KKE, Charilaos Florakis, among the Party executives and we can stand out Avra ​​Partsalidou. People constantly show up on the main stage, banners, flags from foreign delegations, raised fists as a choir performs the Anthem of the International and Charilaos Florakis goes up to the podium, greets the people and begins his speech.

The crowd shouts slogans in a rhythm. A banner, by the organization of Palaio Faliro, for the 10th Congress of the KKE is flying as it is tied with balloons. Charilaos Florakis concludes his speech and leaves, next to him the Secretary of the Central Council Dimitris Gondikas. A little girl offers him red roses, while he lifts a child in his arms.

The great Greek poet and emblematic figure of the KKE's struggles, Giannis Ritsos, goes up the stage, greets and then recites for the first time the poem he wrote for the KNE, "The children of the KNE". At the end he greets, bows and leaves. The greetings from representatives of Communist Parties in other countries follow. Afterwards, a group of selected Greek actors, among them Christos Kolovos, Lykourgos Kallergis, Aimilia Ypsilanti, Christos Tsagas and others, read passages from a play.

We see general and close-up shots from the gathered of all ages crowd.




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Argyrakis Giorgis




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Super 8mm