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We are in Malia, a town and seat of the homonymous community of the Municipality of Hersonissos in the Regional Unit of Heraklion in Crete.

The film opens with a shot from the dome of the church of Saint Nektarios and continues through the town with the parade of students. Elementary school children with their teachers, who are standing left and right, parade while behind them we can see two signs, one that says "super market" and one "we rent bikes”. The filmmaker shows us close-up shots of the students. The children are cheerfully holding small flags. People around, relatives of the children, among them priests, admire and applaud the children.

The parade continues with the older children. First the girls parade in blue skirts and white shirts and then the boys in blue pants and white shirts, while the sign of the American car rental company AVIS can be seen. A different school group follows with some of the girls wearing the traditional costume. One more group of students in different costumes. Blue skirt and sweater vest or vest and white shirt.

The film closes with the village square where tables have been set up to celebrate. Crowds of people have gathered and the filmmaker records girls that are dressed in traditional costumes who have started dancing.



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Argyrakis Giorgis




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Super 8mm