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The film begins with a view of a tall building, at the base of which we can see the inscription "A juventude do abana" (The Youth of Havana). We see a graffiti that picture young people and activities therefore we can say that it is a building for education purposes or actions of the city's youth, decorated for the 11th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Signs, posters, billboards related to the Festival, a banner that says "Ataque al imperialismo" (Attack on Imperialism) and classic caricatures of capitalists in costumes.

Footage from the historic Hotel Nacional de Cuba, as well as other buildings of Spanish architecture, from which Havana has many.

Afterwards, we are in Antonio Maceo Park and see the artistic statue-monument, dedicated to the hero of the Cuban Revolution against Spanish colonialism.

The road that separates the park from the sea.

The story of the World Festival of Youth and Students, begins in the summer of 1947 in Prague and is the largest event in collaboration with every progressive, democratic youth and worldwide students, against the politics of war, the exploitation and the oppression.

Through a variety of events such as sports games in several different sports, political seminars and conversations, concerts and other events, took place the 11th festival in July 1978, in Cuba.


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Argyrakis Giorgis

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm