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The story of the World Festival of Youth and Students, begins in the summer of 1947 in Prague and is the largest event in collaboration with every progressive, democratic youth and worldwide students, against the politics of war, the exploitation and the oppression. Through a variety of events such as sports games in several different sports, political seminars and conversations, concerts and other events on the "Island of Revolution", Cuba which has been already tested for more than a decade by the financial blockade that USA had imposed, took place the 11th festival in July 1978.

The film begins on the road that is leading to the stadium “Estadio Latinoamericano", where the festival will begin with the Cubans greet the Greek mission by waving Greek flags.

On the road, we see the monument dedicated to Jose Marti, a Cuban national hero, who became a symbol of the liberation struggle of the Cubans and their freedom from the Spanish rule, as well as his statue.

Then comes the arrival of the Greek representatives to the stadium, which is constantly rising up the number of people. Then we see on the giant screen of the stage the message "Welcome, Delegates" (BIENVENIDOS DELEGADOS), next to the symbol of the festival. Views of the stage that is increasingly filled with people and zoom into a girl with a surprise expression on her face for what she sees. There is a specific stand with trained Cuban youngsters, equipped with signs of all colors, who, during the ceremony, have been tasked with harmoniously creating different symbols or shapes.

The stage is now crowded, from the back of the main stage we have a footage of a music band performing. The opening ceremony begins with the magnificent Cuban parade, the benches with the pickets form the festival's symbol, and at the end the same symbol is formed by flags that the young people hold as they enter the stadium arena. The bench with the pickets creates the symbol of the festival and the shape of Cuba.

In the arena we see the equestrians with flags and a large band performing as they follow the parade. One more welcome to the giant screen and the parade of delegations begins not only with their countries' flags but also banners and signs with slogans or symbolic portraits of their heroes.

We can distinguish the delegations of Germany, Angola, Barbados, various delegations of Africa, who parade by dancing traditional dances, Bahrain, Berlin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Congo, Chile with the Salvador Allende’s portrait, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands.




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Argyrakis Giorgis

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Super 8mm