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The story of the World Festival of Youth and Students, begins in the summer of 1947 in Prague. Through a variety of events such as sports games in several different sports, political seminars and conversations, concerts and other events took place the 11th festival in July 1978 in Cuba.

In the film, we see footage from the delegations that have arrived and then, through the bus of the Greek mission, we watch the route as the road crosses the verdant countryside of Havana, until we reach a sandy beach.

A zoom-in view of the fruits of a tall coconut tree.

We see a beach full of swimmers and groups that enjoy the sun or the shade under the palm trees, children with life jackets, plastic boats and back to the bus again, from where we see some more views from the members of the mission.

We see that two motorcyclists are accompanying the bus.

Then we watch newly built apartment buildings and parked cars. A zoom-in view of a man, a member of the Greek delegation who wears a hat that says “ΟΔΗΓΗΤΗΣ” (means “guider” and is a monthly newspaper of the Communist Party of Greece) and smiles.

The bus crosses the lush countryside of Havana with sugarcanes, palm trees and other vegetation. We see farmhouses, small crops and a general panoramic view of the Cuban plain.

Even the suburbs of Havana are decorated in the colors of the Festival with constructions and colorful flags.


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Argyrakis Giorgis

HD (1440x1080)



Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm