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The film opens with the filmmaker's friend enjoying her breakfast and then with a close-up shot, it takes us to Bourtzi Castle with the mountain peaks as a background.

A brief look at the statue of the Fallen French in Filellinon Square, at the old Customs House and at the-then-City Hall (now the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies) and the filmmaker’s company leave for the fortress of Akronafplia. We see views of the Clock Tower and from the facilities of EOT (Greek Tourism Organisation) on the beach of Arvanitia.

The tour continues to the fortress of Palamidi which was built in 1714 and is still maintained in an excellent condition. The cinematographer gives us shots from the fortification and the parking lot of the castle. From the bastion of Saint Andreas, we see views in Akronafplia with the lens standing on the Erysimum Corinthium (wild flower of winter) and the details of the fortification.

Afterwards, we see views from the entrance that leads to the central bastion of Saint Andreas where Kolokotronis was imprisoned during the reign of King Otto and then the lens descends the "999 Steps" which are actually 857.

Views of Nafplio from above with the lens stopping at Staikopoulos Park, where the KTEL (Public Interregional Transport Bus Service) buses of Nafplio are parked and distant views from the statue of Staikos Staikopoulos, the Armansperg' s Mansion, the Courthouse and moments from the daily life of the people.

Just before the end of the film, the lens captures species from the flora of the area (Campanula Andrewsii, poppies, Erysimum Corinthium) and plays with the crystal clear waters of the sea and closes with views of the Venetian fortress.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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