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Bonar, Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham Bonar was born in 1933 and went to school in Scotland. Following two years’ national service, during which he was trained as a Russian interpreter, he attended London University and subsequently Edinburgh University, and some years later joined the British Council and was sent on a number of overseas assignments, in particular to India, Iran, the Soviet Union and Egypt. He was first introduced to cine photography in 1964 and bought his first cine camera a year later. He soon recognized the potential of cine photography for recording interesting places and events and the desirability of adding authentic music and background sound and a commentary. Having the good fortune to be sent to a number of interesting countries to live and work in he decided to do what he could to make a record – strictly for family and friends – of aspects of life in those countries. He now offers these films to the general public in case they may be of some historical interest.
His philosophy of filming – if such a description is not too grand is simple: one should have a) a clear theme and a good eye for what is relevant to it and what is not, b) a tripod, and c) a wife….. to carry the tripod!
-Andrew Graham Bonar

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Trip to Canada - 1977

Jul 1977
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Ταξίδι στην Ιαπωνία - 1981 (documentary)

Nov 1981
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Goreme valley in Cappadocia

Göreme, Nevşehir, Turkey