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Footage as we leave behind Prince Rupert's harbour on Kaien Island, Canada. We are watching the mountains covered in fog up to the coastline. The ferryboat moves slowly as it crosses the calm waters.

Continuing the trip along the coast, we observe small mountains with dense vegetation. A seaplane passes over the ship and we follow its flight until its smooth landing. A few more shots of the islands and the horizon before the ferryboat enters Kelsey Harbour.

Views of the fishing boats that are tied to the pier and a stop on a boat wreck that is covered with seagulls.

The film closes with the vehicles disembarking the ferryboat.



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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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So let us say farewell to Prince Rupert and begin a journey southwards by boat through the narrow channels and among the dozens of islands dotted along the Pacific seaboard. We’re on our way to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.
It’s a few hours now since we left Prince Rupert. The boat is taking us through some spectacular scenery. It’s lonely here though –there’s almost no sign of civilization. You half expect to see an Indian canoe or a wigwam and curling smoke rising from a cooking fire. But you see nothing, except of course the usual endless forests.
In this part of the country you either travel by boat or by seaplane. You don’t see many seaplanes elsewhere in the world these days, but here they are a common sight.
We have arrived at Kelsey Bay, from where we shall travel by bus down Vancouver Island to Victoria.
Bonar, Andrew Graham