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We see footage from the rough sea that bursts on the pier in one of the most protected natural ports, in Vathi, Ithaca.

We watch the boats as they swing to the wind force and the mountains that embrace the beach of Loutsa.

As one might be expected, in Ithaca we will see streets such as Odysseus Street and Penelope Street as well as the faithful Evmaios (Odysseus's shepherd) to be the name of a butcher shop. The lens stands on the butcher with the curly mustache and the proud look and as it moves a little further down, captures the theatricality in the expressions of a local.

In the "Cave of the Nymphs" they play backgammon, while behind them the traditional houses, one next to each other seem like a painting.

We see young men in the square, a kiosk full of merchandise with the clothespins waiting for the newspapers, the empty coffee house’s tables, the town’s minibus, two little girls in their traditional school uniform and the white socks getting ready to get into the taxi, locals drinking their morning coffee, a small boat with the fishermen entering the port.

Everyday moments of the locals of 1974 that the filmmaker captured with his lens.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Down near the harbour again it has turned blustery, and the water even inside this sheltered bay is choppy, and the little boats are bobbing about like corks.

Odysseus Street … Penelope Street … Evmaios the Butcher. There are plenty of reminders here of the island’s ancient traditions. It is tempting to see in the faces of the people some of the qualities of character of Odysseus and his countrymen.
Bonar, Andrew Graham