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The All India Music Conference is an annual cultural festival that has been held in India since the early 1900's to preserve the traditional audiovisual culture and includes speeches, discussions and exchange of views for the various genres of Indian music and its evolution besides the India's classical music and performing arts.

The film begins with views of a musical show in which we see and hear two soloists of the traditional woodwind instruments "shehnai" and rhythm is kept by the membranophone percussion instrument "tabla", then a dancer joins the stage in a composition that we can hear the sound of "taal" (a pair of clash cymbals) instruments.

Another part of the show follows in which the famous Indian singer Manna Dey sings as he plays the qanun while in the orchestra has been added accordion, harmonium and other instruments. Then a traditional dance by the Indian star of the time Kumud Chuggani.

The film ends with the famous dancer and mime Gopi Krishna.




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Bonar, Andrew Graham




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Super 8mm

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The next big event in the Allahabad calendar is the All-India Music Conference, followed by similar events at which many of India’s most famous dancers, singers and instrumentalists appear. Here someone is playing the shehnai.
And here a young student of the Allahabad Music College inaugurates the dancing.
She is followed by the well-known singer Manna Dey.
More dancing, this time by Kumud Chugani, a stunning film star but also a very fine classical dancer.
Unfortunately a disturbance in the audience necessitated a change in the programme, but on another evening the opportunity arose of seeing the inimitable Gopi Krishna, with his superb miming.
Bonar, Andrew Graham