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Behind the small white houses with cobbled streets, there is the Castle or "Eye of Crete", or "Fortezza" in Chora of Kythera. Above the whitewashed roofs of the houses, emerges Chytra (a small islet off Kaspali), with its sempreviva flowers and the sea cave, which at the end of it, there is a shelter for seals.

Back to the castle the lens descends to Kapsali, a picturesque port that according to a legend, Aphrodite touched it with her breast. Behind the church of Saint Spyridon, there are two windless bays and across the top of the hill we can see, from a distance, the lighthouse and the church of Saint Georgios. Alongside the coast, there are several picturesque houses.

Kapsali is going away as the cinematographer changes his point of view to a tied donkey. Behind it, the fortification of the castle and below in the middle of Vourgos, a few small white churches are lined up. The one of Saint Athanasios stands out.

We change our point of view again and now we see the winding narrow road that comes towards us. A car moves on the road and a woman is in a hurry going down the road while the lens watches her.

We ascend to the castle, at our feet is the Kapsali with the wonderful mansion, the moored boats and the ships. To our right, the Virgin Mary’s church with cannons scattered on the ground. A look at the relief emblem and views of the Chora that is built lengthwise the top of the castle. A few more views of Chora and the Castle and the film closes with views of a couple walking by the battlements.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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