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When Venizelos visited Makrinitsa in 1934, he used the honorary title "the balcony of Pelion".

It is built amphitheatrically on the slope of Pelion overlooking the Pagasitic Gulf and Volos so that the houses look like hanging ornaments on the green mountain side. Stone houses, small courtyards, tiled roofs compose the Pelion architecture that is harmonized with the natural landscape.

A man, who is followed by a little boy, goes through the narrow cobbled streets of the village holding a clay jug in his hand and fills it with water in one of the fountains of the village. In the fountain’s sink, we see two watermelons that are put there to maintain a low temperature for when they are going to be cut. The man passes through a wooden gate, goes down the stone stairs and gets lost behind the heavy wooden door with the iron support at its lower part.

We are in Irinis square of Makrinitsa, we see the traditional coffee shop "Theofilos" with the wonderful fresco "Battle in the cold fountain", a piece of art made in 1910 by the painter Theofilos and the tavern “Pantheon”, where the actor Zervos sat for the needs of the greek movie "The teacher with blond hair" with the actors Vougiouklaki and Papamichaιl.

View of the Pagasitic Gulf and Volos through the old plane trees and the marble fountain with the four lion heads. The filmmaker's friend and locals enjoy moments of relaxation in the square as the lens wanders on the stone-made mansions.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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