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On the way from Metsovo to Meteora the filmmaker's company make a stop overlooking the majestic mountains.

In the granaries of the Plain of Thessaly, we watch small hills from the threshing of wheat. We distinguish the tractor of the threshing machine, the sieves and the agricultural tractor with the belts that produce movement. Women and men carry the parcels and work feverishly.

Then we see Meteora, the sandstone pillars that rise precipitously above Kalambaka town. The lens faces one of the most wonderful geological phenomena and stands excitedly on the relief of the enormous columns of rock, continuing with views and details.

Afterwards, we see views of the Monastery of Rousanou (16th century) and as the sun goes down the black shadows of the giant rocks soar into the sky. Subsequently, we watch views of Meteora where in various shots is the Monastery of Rousanou and in one of them probably the Monastery of Varlaam (16th century).

Panoramic shots of Meteora, the Plain of Thessaly, Kalampaka and then shots from the Monastery of the Holy Trinity (1458-1476). The film closes with shots and views from the holy monastery of St. Stephen (14th century) where we see the balcony with the ascending net.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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