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Bangaan is a village in Ifugao County, Philippines, and is one of five rice landmarks on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The film begins with a panoramic view of the green rice terraces of the area.

It is a small village, in which we see traditional houses that are built at a higher height from the ground and they are supported by stilts.

We see the villagers, children, women who are carrying their babies with their improvised pouches and it is obviously not taboo for them to breastfeed in public.

We also see locals who are selling souvenirs, from the costumes of the locals, but we also see the locals who are doing their daily activities.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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The old method of cultivating by simply burning down trees and throwing seeds in the ashes is still practised in some areas.

Down there is a splendid example of a native village. It’s quite a way down, but let’s go there anyway.

Here we are, then. It’s called Bangaan, this little village, and as you see the huts are built on stilts and you have to climb up a ladder to get inside. That way the villagers are protected from rats, they say.

The little girls are a bit shy, but the young mothers don’t seem shy at all.According to tradition, by the way, all the young girls sleep together in one hut until they are married off.

By the way they have a few souvenirs for you and me. Fancy a wooden carving of Bulu, the rice god, or a sample of native headgear, with jaw-bones, feathers and all?

So this is what it used to be like in the good old days before civilization came, eh? Unfortunately the time has come for us to return to civilization. Paalaam, as they say: Goodbye.
Bonar, Andrew Graham