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We are in Kos island, on the road from Zipari to Zia. The film opens with the attempt of a bus driver and a truck driver in the opposite lane, to steer around their vehicles so both can pass through the narrow dirt road. One to the right end and the other to the left so both can fit and the route to Kefalos continues.

At every turn we watch the skilful driver and how he manages the wheel so as to turn the vehicle which seems like it will collide with the trees, or it will fall off the cliff. The trips at that time on some country roads in Greece were really difficult and demanded to be really brave.

We are now in Kefalos of Kos and specifically on its beach in Kamari. We watch trawls with fishermen who clean their fishing nets, an improvised tent with a fisherman on the pebbles mending his nets, swimmers in moments of relaxation.

We see a shot of the bus, probably a Mercedes Benz OP315 of Viamax, with the inscription “Tourist Transportation” and above it a loudspeaker. Behind the open door of the bus, we see a windmill at the top of the hill and then the film takes us to the area of ​​Saint Stefanos and the remains of the basilica of Saint Stefanos with Kastri and the church of Saint Nikolaos in the background.

We see a few shots as the water hugs the rocks and the film closes with shots from the moving bus crossing a small village.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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