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We are in Mani and the filmmaker shows us distant views of the village of Kalonioi and then arrives in the village of Koita (or Kitta) with the magnificent tower houses, a trademark of the families of the area.

At the beginning of the film, we watch shots from the towers as they rise through the olive trees with Taygetos Mountain in the background. Through the stone path an old woman returns the herd as she drags a donkey with a rope.

Afterwards, we watch shots and details from the architecture of the towers with the small openings for windows and low doors and then we see a few shots through the village where the lens focuses on a whitewashed shop owned by A. Seremetaki and a local woman.

The filmmaker continues his tour of the plain, to the village Stavri and other villages, and proceeds on the road to Cape Tainaron which we see from afar from the village of Kyparissos.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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The Mani is a very rocky, barren part of the country, whose inhabitants are renowned for their hardihood. They claim to be descended from the ancient Spartans, and were never actually conquered by the Turks or anyone else. On one occasion the Turks managed to extract from them a promise to pay tribute, but they never actually paid it. Despite the poverty of the land the area used to be quite thickly populated judging by the number of villages you see dotted about the landscape. In fact it was no doubt overpopulated in the past, which was one of the factors which contributed to the terrible feuds that used to exist between the various Maniot families, or clans. It was these endless and bloody feuds which gave rise to the towers you can see all over the place. Families used to bombard each other, sometimes with canon, from these towers, which they would build higher during the night so as to gain an advantage over their hated adversaries.

Here we are looking south towards the southernmost tip of continental Greece, Cape Tainaron.
Bonar, Andrew Graham