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The ship crosses the sea water (is probably the ship "Elena P") while it approaches the port of Karystos, with the Greek flag waving.

On the deck of the ship, we see views of the passengers moving as they prepare to disembark and among them we see the cinematographer’s friend. Some travelers stay on deck as the boat approaches the port, enjoying the view.

We watch the port’s jetty with the lighthouse at its end, the houses along the coastline, the church of Saint Nikolaos vaguely at a distance and the Mt. Ochi that rises in front of us with the most famous "dragon house" at the top.

Afterwards, we watch the breaking of the waves, probably from the beach of Kremala, while the filmmaker's friend walks barefoot on the sand, holding her skirt and her shoes in her hands. We see the houses of Karystos and the fortress Bourtzi (Venetian, 1350) which was well fortified by the Turks during the Ottoman period and was besieged unsuccessfully by Androutsos, Krieziotis and the French philhellene Fabvier, as a background. In 1833 with the liberation, the castle opened its gates.

The filmmaker’s friend has moved to a hostel or a friendly house, where the filmmaker talks with the locals as a lady does sewing work on a sewing machine. The Santa Pelagia is vaguely seen in the background.

The film closes with the swinging of the boats at sunset, just before the dusk.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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