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Kyoto's Imperial Palace (Ghoso) was the emperor's base from 794 to 1868 and was the residence of the Imperial family for over a thousand years before moving to Tokyo in 1868.

It was burned down several times and was rebuilt in its present form, for the last time in 1855.

During the Edo period, Tokugawa Hindetata restrained the imperial house. The emperor couldn’t leave the palace except in case of fire or his withdrawal from the throne.

The Imperial Palace (and other imperial residences) is surrounded by imperial gardens and it is designed by Kobori Enshu, during the Edo period. It is made up of two lakes that are connected by bridges and promenade paths.
Inside the gardens we watch domesticated deer, which are familiar with the human presence, as we see in the film.

According to a legend, the god Takenomikazuchi-no-mikoto appeared on a white deer to save the city from starvation and since then the deer have become messengers of the gods. Until 1637, the death penalty was imposed as a punishment for deer killing.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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The old Imperial Palace. Again, the original was burnt down, and this was only built in 1854, just a few years before the Emperor left Kyoto for ever and went to Tokyo.
Bonar, Andrew Graham