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Torrisdale is a remote village on the east coast of the Scottish Kintyre peninsula and is extended across the Torrisdale Bay.

The first views of the film are from the car that follows the shoreline, which leads to the Torrisdale Bay and it reaches a large sandy beach of the Gulf.

In that place, we see a woman who shows us some shells that she picked up as she was there during a low tide.

Then we see the wreckage of a ship that, according to the narrator, may have been hit by a torpedo in World War II.

Indeed, after our research, we learn that on 5 May 1942, the American Liberty ship SS John Randolph struck a mine en route from northern Russia to Iceland and was destroyed completely at Torrisdale Bay ten years later. The wreckage remains on the beach and is revealed during low tide.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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And now we have crossed the moors and the peatbogs and we have arrived at the far north coast. This beautiful lonely beach is at Torriesdale Bay. The rusting wreck of a ship embedded in the sand surely has a story to tell. Perhaps she was torpedoed in the Second World War. Who knows?
Bonar, Andrew Graham