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Fiskardo is a seaside village at the northernmost area of Kefalonia which is an island in the Ionian Sea in Greece.

The village is one of the few on the island that preserves its old architectural character, as it was not severely damaged by the catastrophic earthquake of 1953 and has been designated a traditional settlement. It is also the place of origin of the poet & writer Nikos Kavvadias.

We are in the port of the village where we see moored fishing boats and yachts, groups of friends walk at the pier, others sit in the patisseries or going there, the taverns are crowded and in one of them is the filmmaker’s friend as the daisies reminds us that it’s spring.

A little further down, fishermen gather their fishing nets.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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We’ve arrived at the northernmost port on the island, Fiscardo, and it is full of spring flowers. Luckily it was not very seriously affected by the 1953 earthquake and so it has preserved its original character perhaps better than any other village on the island.
Bonar, Andrew Graham