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The film opens by focusing on the rusty informative sign that informs us that this was a land which was purchased by the Reserve Officers Building Syndicate and below we can see the fence.

The Reserve Officers Building Syndicate was established in 1964 by reserve officers who fought in Pindos during World War II but their statutes also allowed members who did not have the rank of reserve officer. In 1968 it split into two independent syndicates and many of their members are in litigation to declassify the area.

The filmmaker narrates the suffering of two of his acquaintances who bought land through the syndicate and gives us shots of the green mountains that embrace the bay of Alkyoni, the wild flora of the area, the crystal clear blue waters of the Corinthian gulf and the small islands of Strava.

The film closes with the small church that is located on the edge of the beach and if you take the path from it, it leads to the beach of Schinos.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Once upon a time a syndicate bought this piece of land here and divided it up into plots for sale to the public. Two people I know bought several plots, but alas they have never seen them. Why not? Because everything went wrong. First, in 1968 the Colonels established their dictatorship and put a stop to all syndicate operations of this type. Next it was discovered that the president of the syndicate had walked off with half the syndicate’s money. Then, because the original owner of the land had not been paid the full amount promised to him he took the syndicate to court. And so on. The story has not finished yet. One day, conceivably, those two people may see their plots of land. In the meantime all they can do is look at the pine-covered slope and the beautiful bay, and the little islands which give this place its name: Alkyonides.
Bonar, Andrew Graham