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The first car show took place on the 20th of April until the 29th of the same month in Tokyo, at Hibiy Park, in 1954.

Through the film we are transported to the car show in 1981 at the Tokyo Big Sight Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition took place from 30th of October to 10th of November.

We watch smiling girls who display the new car models, as they are dressed in red shades, with purple, blue or white accessories.
The lens focuses on the small yellow Suzuki CV1 (with max speed of 32km per hour), on the Toyota RV5, on a Mazda and a Honda model.

This particular exhibition was visited by 1,114,200 people.



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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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At the Tokyo Motor Show there is beauty of another kind –mechanical and technological beauty. But it is not only the flashy new cars that people come to see. Also worthy of inspection are the neatly-dressed and tastefully made-up girls whose job is to introduce the cars. The idea of offering the customer a pleasurable or aesthetic sensation in addition to the product itself is a very old Japanese idea, and we see it here. Of course, no motor show in the West is complete without its girls, but the difference is that whereas in the West the girls are incapable of doing anything more than draping themselves across the bonnet of a car and smiling for the photographers, the Japanese girls actually know something about the company’s products and continually talk about them to the public.
Bonar, Andrew Graham