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Hiroshima 1981, illuminated signs, a couple hugging, shopkeepers, people in evening strolls. Thirty-six years later -the voice in the film tells- Hiroshima reminds nothing of the disaster that shocked mankind on August 6, 1945. The film takes us to the Pease memorial Park and some of its monuments. The atomic bomb tomb inside which are the ashes of about 70,000 unidentified people, victims of the 235 uranium atomic bomb called Little Boy. Children's Peace Monument, built in 1958 and dedicated to all children victims of the bombing, based on the true story of a child, Sabako Sasaki, who died a few years after leukemia. In the background we can see a half-demolished building that was kept in the same state as a sad symbol of nuclear disaster. It was named the Hiroshima Peace Monument, the Atomic Dome, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the nuclear explosion took place above its dome and those inside were instantly killed.


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Hiroshima. As we wander among the bright lights in the evening it is hard to believe that just 36 years ago this city was completely and utterly destroyed by the first atomic bomb. Here, at the Heiwa Koen, the memorial Peace Park, is one of several monuments. Beneath this mound are the scorched remains of thousands of victims.
Another monument, decorated with wreaths. The gruesome statistics of destruction are almost impossible to grasp: 70,000 houses wiped out, and over 200,000 people killed, of whom more than half were either completely vaporized or reduced to unrecognizable fragments. Is it possible that any people on earth could deserve such a terrible fate? Over there is the shell of the former Industry Promotion Hall. The bomb exploded in the air right above this building.
Bonar, Andrew Graham