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As the sun sets just before the dusk, when everything around us turns into black shadows wrapped in gold dust, we see Bourtzi through the chairs and the coffee tables on the waterfront of Nafplio.

The next day, on a boat, the filmmaker and his friend visit the small castle constructed by the Italian engineer Gabelo, the first prison of Theodoros Kolokotronis and later the residence of the guillotine executioners.

We watch shots from the small port as the boat approaches the Venetian fortress and then shots from its fortification and the battlements.

The film closes with a brief look at Nafplio.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm

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No visitor to Nafplion can ever forget the sight of the Bourdzi, the little castle in the Bay of Nafplion, built by the Venetians. It’s worthwhile taking a boat across to the island to have a look at it. Some years ago a certain entrepreneur decided to make the castle into a luxury hotel, but having done that, he refused to allow the general public, apart from his guests, to visit the castle. The authorities said he must allow the public access to the castle, but rather than give way the proprietor abandoned the hotel. So now visitors can go to the castle, but the hotel is derelict and the castle itself unkempt and uncared for.
Bonar, Andrew Graham