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Approaching the harbour of Kamariotissa in Samothraki, we watch footage of the ship's passengers as they play backgammon, we see the merchandise (beverages) and views of Mount Saos from where, according to mythology, Zeus watched the Trojan War.

Afterwards we see the jetty of the port with its small lighthouse and then we watch the picturesque blue and white houses as the ship approaches the pier where people are waiting for its arrival.

The film closes with views from a ship’s passenger as he explores the place.

The port of Kamariotissa is the only connection point of Samothraki with the rest of Greece and was named after the village’s church where the icon of Virgin Mary from Kamares is housed.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Samothraki looks a little forbidding when you first see it – nothing but a high mountain sticking out of the sea. In fact there isn’t very much flat land on the island, and the harbour isn’t very safe. For this reason the island has always been somewhat remote and difficult to reach. Despite this it is rich in mythology and history. For example, according to legend Dardanus, King of Samothraki, sailed on a raft from the island to the Dardanelles, where he founded the city of Troy. Mt. Ida, in Asia Minor, can actually be seen from the highest point of the island, in clear weather.
Bonar, Andrew Graham