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Views from the port of Astypalaia or “Astropalia" as the locals called it. Small boats and sloops are moored in the dock. Fishermen clean their nets or spread them on the pier to dry.

On the other side, there is a beach full of old hulls of boats in the sand.

The capital of the island spreads in front of us in a wild landscape as it is climbing up the hill. The lens captures small houses with the typical Cycladic color, a combination of white and blue. We also see small churches, the eight remaining of the twelve windmills on the hillside and at the top, the majestic Venetian Castle of Querini that is built of black stone. Behind it the dome of the church “Panagia Portaitissa” is visible.

Astypalaia belongs to the Dodecanese and is also known as the Aegean’s butterfly, due to its shape.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Tomorrow it will be time to leave the island, so let’s take a last look round the harbour area.

On the far side of the bay is the graveyard of old boats. From here, inevitably, the eyes look upwards across the bay towards the old town and the line of disused windmills on the ridge.

The roof of my lodgings affords an even better view of the whole expanse of the town, from the harbour area, which has been built up only since the beginning of this century, to the oldest buildings, in and around the castro. One hopes that the style of future buildings will be in harmony with the style of those existing today.
Bonar, Andrew Graham