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In the central Syntagma square of Nafplio, children with short pants play football while young people with bell-bottom pants cross the street in front of the old mosque where a few cars are parked. The mosque in those years was the "Trianon" cinema. The square had not yet taken its current form. It will be rebuilt six years later.

We see zoom-in views of the facade of Trianon with its octagonal dome.
Afterwards, we see views from Kokkinou Street with the whitewashed stairs and the two-story houses with the small roofed balconies that climb over the hill and then shots from Angelou Terzaki Street at its junction with Vassileos Konstantinou where we see the advertising sign of the shop “Lampropoulou-Bizani”.

Subsequently, we see views of the church of Saint Georgios. We can see the facade of the church with the large arches and the bell tower that dominates the side of the temple with the castle of Palamidi visible in the background.

Next, the lens focuses on the fortification of Palamidi and follows the "999 steps" that climb the rock from the base to the top, which are actually 857.

The film closes with views from the alleys of the old town, the lanterns that decorate them and the pots that adorn the small balconies.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Now we are in Nafplion, one of the most delightful towns in all Greece.

The local lads are playing football in the square against the background of a former Turkish mosque, now put to excellent use as a cinema.

Rearing up behind the cinema is the huge rock and castle of Palamidi.
Palamidi again. In a country renowned for its impregnable fortresses this must surely be one of the most daunting of the lot. If you like you can climb up to the top. There are about one thousand steps.

There is plenty of history down in the streets, too, actually. The first King of Greece after the liberation from the Turks took the oath of allegiance here, and the first Greek parliament was established here –in fact Nafplion was the first capital of free Greece.
Bonar, Andrew Graham