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The sea water foams as the ship's keel displaces it and the bright path left by the sun's rays is visible in the background. We see in front of us the mountains of Ithaca and a little further down the cave that Telemachus ran aground when he returned from Sparta.

We see Vathi (capital of Ithaca) from a distance, which is protected in a natural bay, as it is surrounded by the mountain Nirito and the white traditional houses as well as the Venetian mansions at the background.

We watch panoramic views of the blue waters of the bay, the mountains of the island and the small island of Lazaretto, the disinfection station where the boats stopped for public health care examination and later a prison.

The lens looks for the place where the Phaeacians placed the sleeping Odysseus and stands in the cave where with the help of the goddess Athena, Odysseus hid King Alcinous’ gifts, from where his friend comes out. Afterwards, the lens wanders to the steep slopes of the mountain and the film closes with the wave that breaks with urge on the steep cliffs.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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We’re at sea. Yes, and approaching the historic island of Ithaca, home of Odysseus.

Over there is the little bay at which Telemachos is said to have landed after returning from Sparta, where he had gone to try and obtain news of his father’s whereabouts. From the bay Telemachos went straight to the hut of Evmaios the Shepherd. Odysseus was there, but Telemachos did not at first recognize him because he was disguised as a beggar. Odysseus revealed his true identity to his son, and together they planned their strategy for destroying the suitors, who were making merry in Odysseus’ palace and were on the point of forcing a marriage upon Penelope, Odysseus’ faithful but almost despairing wife.

At our feet is the Bay of Vathy and the modern town of Ithaki.

And down there somewhere was the landing spot where the sleeping Odysseus was carried ashore by the Phaeacians, and just behind us is the cave where Athene helped Odysseus hide King Alcinous’ gifts … and oh!... there is some kind of a nymph emerging. That was rather a coincidence!

After putting the gifts in the cave, incidentally, Odysseus made his way, disguised by Athene as a beggar, to the hut of the shepherd Evmaios, where a little later he was reunited with Telemachos.
Bonar, Andrew Graham