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We are in Chora (capital) of Kythira and specifically on the very narrow road that passes in front of the Cathedral Church of Estavromenos (Crucified).

We watch views from the traffic jam of the vehicles and the passers-by on the road. First, we see a truck passing with children on the back without slowing down in the narrow turn, followed by a car and a bus that passes on the edge through the narrow road continuing its course until it gets out of our sight in the turn. The bus slows down, rears back waiting for a Volkswagen Beetle to pass and a little bit later a tractor goes away real fast at the turn.

The cinematographer continues to record moments from the daily life of the locals in that turn and then the film follows for a while two hurried young people that go down to the narrow streets. A man places something at the entrance of his house and men gather in the traditional cafe.

While we see the daily life of the people, we watch the building structure of the city. Small narrow streets with paths of simple houses and two-story mansions where women, holding each other, enjoy their walk and sellers or street vendors sell their products that are loaded on their donkeys.

At the end of the film, the protagonist is a kitten that walks lazily outside the Cathedral Church of Estavromenos.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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