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The film opens with the loading of a car by a crane on the ship. We watch the maneuvers that are being made so that it is placed correctly on the deck.

The cinematographer tells us that he will travel to Alexandroupolis by a cargo ship. Afterwards, we watch the traffic at the port in Sappho Square on the dock section, a few views of Mytilene’s (the capital of the island of Lesvos) buildings and the volume of products that are stacked for loading on the ship. Some horses and donkeys that are tied to the handrail will also travel with the cinematographer.

The ship departs and the lens stands on the statue of Sappho which was donated by the poet Rose Macaulay and a piece of art by the sculptor Athanasios Limneos.

As we leave Mytilene behind, we see the castle of Mithymna standing silently over the years and the houses with the mansions that climb the over the hill show the architectural influences of the conquerors who passed through the island.

A few more shots from the hospitality conditions for the equidae (horses and donkeys) on the ship's deck and the film closes with views from the sea as the ship approaches the port of Samothrace. Last shots on the harbor’s dock, the houses as well as a sailor who looks into the horizon probably from the ship's bridge.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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