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We watch views of the mountains of the prefecture of Laconia from the deck of the ship. We also see the mechanism (pulley) of the ship, probably the davit holding the lifeboats.

In front of us now rises proudly the rock of Monemvasia, or "Vasia" for the locals, or "Menexes" during Turkish rule.

The film continues with views from the building structure of the medieval city and ends up in a narrow lane of land that connects the rock with the rest of Laconia, with Parnonas visible in the background. The lens with a close up shot stands on the relief of the limestone rock and the ruins of the medieval fortress.

Passengers of the ship disembark from the boat in the port of Monemvasia and the cinematographer follows them, recording the route and the buildings’ architecture in the port.

The ship sails and passes again in front of Monemvasia’s fortress and we take distant views from the castle, the walls of the fortification and the medieval city. The film closes with views on the rock, the rough sea and the water that are left behind by the ship.

Pausanias referred to the site as "Akra Minoa" and Strabo as "Fortress Minoa". Nowadays its nickname is "Gibraltar of the east", as it is very similar -in smaller scale- to the rock of Gibraltar.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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