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A bottle of wine from the vineyards of Pikermi in Attica and in a pack of cigarettes with “Kos 1966” written on the box.

As the ship approaches the port of Kos we can see the fortress of Neratzia and the buildings alongside the port with the Mount Sympetro visible in the background.

The view changes and the lens wanders in the port of the island recording locals in traditional coffee houses where playing backgammon, overlooking the walls of the castle, a few cyclists, passers-by, moored boats towards the other end of the port where the current Public Electricity building is. We also see a small boat as it gets in to the port.

A few more views of the colorful boats at the port, the hibiscus that adorn it and we go up to the palm trees avenue just before the castle’s bridge where behind palm trees and blue hibiscus rises the minaret of Geni Hassan (or Gazi Hassan Pasha) Mosque (of Lotzia Square).

Shots from the Lotzia mosque that was made in 1786 from the ancient ruins of the city and the old plane tree of Hippocrates whose foliage covers the marble fountain of the mosque and of Hippocrates.

Passing through the arch of the Ancient Agora (market), we see restaurants with a large crowd. A hurried glance at the Arch of the Door, to the ancient agora where broken columns lie on the ground and the Defterdar mosque that is near the market.

Afterwards, we watch the locals and the visitors, the filmmaker’s friend as she visits the ruins of the Ancient Agora, as well as moments of relaxation of the swimmers on the beach.

Lastly, we see shots from the entrance of a passenger ship in the port, a fishing boat and just before sunset, the film closes with repair works on a small boat.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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