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The film opens with shots of the driver as he gets into the car and then we see shots from inside the car as it moves from Kato Livadi, a village in Kythera. We watch the small picturesque houses of the village, a shepherd with his sheep moving alongside the road in the village and clusters of trees that are in both sides of the narrow road.

Just before the Katouni Bridge we see a donkey rider and then we move on the road to the stone bridge in Katouni overlooking the white stone houses of the village. With this background, the “Tsirigotes” (residents of Kythira) chose to decorate their first postcards in December 1900 published by Eleftheroudakis.

The film closes with views of the stone bridge and details from its arches.

The stone bridge of Katouni was built during the British Domination and it is one of the largest built in Greece and the greatest technological achievement of the British on the island. The bridge is supported by 13 symmetric arches with 12 cylindrical openings and has a length of 110 meters.

The bridge was built according to the plans of Evaristo de Chirico and under the supervision of the English engineer John McPhail.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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