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We are in an open-air animal market full of people. Retailers have set up small stands to show the animals for sale and people either pass by looking around, holding small dogs in their arms, or stand in front of the kiosks looking at the animals. We see small aquariums with fish, crabs, and turtles, bird cages and guinea pigs.

The filmmaker informs us that the bazaar takes place every Sunday morning in Moscow.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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One of the more amusing things to do on a Sunday morning in Moscow is to visit what we used to call the “Doggie Market”, where pets of all kinds are brought for sale in more or less private enterprise conditions. It’s terribly crowded, but it’s fun: for once a genuine spontaneous human scene in this regimented land … But once again there’s a spot of nastiness: a plain-clothes policeman tries to arrest me for taking photographs. There is no prohibition as such, but the suspicious Russian mind always imagines that a foreigner with a camera is, if not a spy, at least intent upon discrediting the Soviet Union. To avoid an unpleasant scene the only thing to do is to get out.
Bonar, Andrew Graham